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My fee for the first session, the “diagnostic interview,” is $200.00 (usually one hour in duration) and for counseling sessions, individuals, couples, or family, $150.00 (usually 45 minutes) and in certain instances may be negotiable depending on a patient's financial situation. Payment is requested on the day of service. I accept payment as cash, personal checks, or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover) as well as charge cards associated with Health Savings Accounts (HSA). A 2.75% service charge will be added for credit card transactions.

Health Insurance

I also accept patients enrolled in any of several insurance carriers, including Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross, Cigna, Medicaid (Husky), Oxford, and United Healthcare (Optum Healthcare), as an “in-network” provider. In these instances, the rate of reimbursement is determined by the insurance carrier and your benefits are determined by your specific group plan. Prior to our first appointment, in order to verify your benefits with your insurer carrier, you must provide certain information, including the spelling of your name as it is printed on your insurance card, your date of birth, your subscriber or member identification number, and the “group number,” if there is one, printed on the front of your insurance card. You may submit this information either through my confidential voicemail, email address, or on the CONTACT page of this website. Please bring your insurance card and a photo identification with you to your first appointment. Health insurance benefits today can be complicated. You may find out what your benefits are by contacting your insurance carrier. Questions to ask might include whether there is a co-pay or “co-insurance,” is there a deductible and if so how much has been applied so far toward your benefits year, is there a limit to how many visits per year to which you are entitled, and whether a physician’s referral is required.

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