Robert Hamm, Ph.D.
Psychologist West Hartford, CT


As a resident and clinician in private practice in the State of Connecticut for 30 years I bring a level of depth and wealth of experience to my practice as a professional psychologist offering psychotherapy tailored to the needs and concerns of individuals, couples, and families. My approach to psychotherapy is a collaborative endeavor toward insight and understanding to confront obstacles that prevent patients from reaching their goals, live a happier, more fulfilling life, and become better able to solve their problems on their own.

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Specializing in individual counseling for personal growth

Mental and spiritual growth is the key to improving relationships, overcoming addictions and moving beyond mood disorders, anxiety and depression. Dr. Hamm will work with you to reshape and redesign your life to achieve your dreams.

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"Dr. Hamm is an incredibly compassionate and understanding psychologist. I appreciate his style of guidance which includes developing both self-reliance and techniques to apply on-the-go. If you are committed to making progress and spending time outside of the sessions dedicated to improving, I think you'll find great success with Dr. Hamm."

-- Aaron E in West Hartford, CT

 "I've been seeing Dr. Hamm on and off for a little over a year now, and I doubt if I'll ever see the need to leave his care and take up with a different provider. I've visited a number of therapists throughout my life with varying degrees of success, and Dr. Hamm is the only one I've ever felt truly comfortable opening up to. Dr. Hamm is sincere, perceptive, and most importantly, patient. No matter how many mistakes I may make, I know he'll still be there to help me through it."

-- Ben in Hartford, CT

"Dr. Hamm helped us with our marriage problems. My husband and I are now happier and closer than we have been in years. He has a great ability to read and understand situations and how to bring out the underlying issues. He is compassionate and caring and I would highly recommend him."

--Judy in West Hartford, CT

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