Robert Hamm, Ph.D.
Psychologist West Hartford, CT


My formal education was first obtained at the State University of New York where I received a Bachelors of Science degree and Master of Arts in Psychology, followed by employment experience as a counselor in the field of developmental disabilities and later as a psychologist at Rochester Psychiatric Center in Rochester, New York. I finished my formal education at Georgia State University where I received honors in Clinical Psychology and Research and Measurement and obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology with a cognate in Clinical Psychology. The breadth of my current professional work is aptly reflected in my training and education with a strong background in scientific research methodology balanced with broad in-depth supervised clinical training experience in psychotherapy and clinical assessment that spans across all theoretical orientations, including psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, existential, and family systems theory.

Subsequent to receiving my doctorate, I was employed for three years in the field of developmental disabilities where I provided services in counseling, clinical assessment, and program development. Since then I have been engaged in private practice in the State of Connecticut since 1986 as a psychologist and as an adjunct professor at various colleges and universities in the State where I have taught courses in personality theory, personality assessment, the psychology of adjustment, human sexuality and behavior, the psychology of dreaming, general psychology, and the history of psychology. My clinical work over the years has covered a diversity of fields that includes forensics, geriatrics, and general clinical practice, where I have worked as a consultant and member of a clinical team for the Courts Diagnostic Clinic and as a member of the committee for Program Review in the field of developmental disabilities. I have worked as a psychologist providing supervision and direct clinical services in a variety of clinical settings, including hospitals and outpatient clinics, the prison system, group homes, nursing homes and residential care facilities, private homes of patients, and private practice.

My postdoctoral education has been obtained through years of formal coursework at the Western New England Psychoanalytic Institute in New Haven and continuing education courses in cognitive and behavior therapy, hypnotherapy, family and couples therapy, professional ethics, addictions, personality disorders, and research on the mind-body connection. I am currently a member of the National Register of Health Service Psychologists and continue to broaden my intellectual interests in the fields of psychology and philosophy through my teaching and membership in the American Association for University Professors. I have presented empirical research and theoretical papers at conferences in professional psychology and psychiatry, to student audiences in the university setting, and to the general public, and I have published empirical research and theoretical papers in peer-reviewed professional journals in psychology.

Robert John Hamm PhD

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